Google & Meta Punished for Collecting Personal Information

google & meta punished for collecting personal information
Google & Meta Punished for Collecting Personal Information

Google and Meta Platforms were fined ₩100B ($71.9 million) by South Korea’s Personal Information Protection Commission (PIPC) for collecting users’ personal information without their consent.

Google and Meta Platforms have allegedly been obtaining users’ personal information without permission, claims PIPC. Then, these data are put to use for things like tailored web advertising.

The commission also stated that its investigation found that when Google and Meta acquired or processed such data to estimate users’ specific interests and utilize that information to create targeted advertisements, they neither explicitly notified users nor obtained their prior agreement.

google, meta fined for gathering personal data

The commission consequently fined Google ₩69.2B and Meta Platforms ₩30.8B.

The alleged personal information protection legislation breaches resulted in the most significant penalty ever levied.

Soon after the PIPC’s pronouncement, Google released a statement in which it expressed “deep sorrow” and promised to keep in contact with the commission to preserve Korean users’ privacy.

On the other hand, a Meta representative stated that the company cannot concur with the PIPC judgment and would consider all options, including a legal dispute.