Google Messages Launches Upgraded Contacts Page

google messages


Google Messages has just unveiled a fresh look for its contacts page, and it’s bringing some exciting changes to the way we connect. Available to beta users starting February 28, 2024, the update focuses on making your messaging experience more dynamic and user-friendly.

Say hello to the new animated Material 3 carousel, a first for Google apps. This nifty feature lets you resize photos dynamically as you scroll through them, turning your media browsing into an interactive experience.

This is also a departure from the old routine, this revamp offers direct access to shared photos, videos, and links right from the redesigned in-app page.

The update doesn’t stop there. Now, you can access videos, links, starred messages, and manage notifications and spam blocking – all straight from the contacts page.

Worried about security? The end-to-end encryption status is displayed, giving you peace of mind. The ‘people’ section also steps up in group conversations, making it easier to view and manage contacts within a group.

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While the update is still making its way to stable users, the limited availability of Profiles hints at Google’s plans to deepen its integration across apps. Brace yourself for more enhancements and integrations, like the upcoming Google Contacts widgets update. This feature will let you see and respond to messages right from a widget, making staying connected even more convenient.

As Google continues to evolve, these updates promise a seamless and visually pleasing way to manage your communications. It gives users a more connected and user-friendly digital experience too! Stay tuned for more updates.