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Meta Launches End-to-End Encryption for Facebook and Messenger

Meta End-to-End Encryption

You can now stop worrying about Meta seeing your messages! However, global rollout may take a while.

With this new feature, you may now come with added features like message editing, improved media quality, and disappearing messages.

Edit Messages

Now, you have the ability to edit messages sent too soon or those you wish to modify within 15 minutes after sending. While you can report abuse in an edited message, Meta retains the capability to view previous versions of the edited content.

Disappearing Messages

Messenger’s disappearing messages now persist for 24 hours after being sent. Enhancements to the interface aim to make it clearer when disappearing messages are active, providing users with confidence that their messages remain secure and won’t linger indefinitely.

While disappearing messages are exclusive to end-to-end encrypted conversations, reporting inappropriate content is still an option. Additionally, users will receive notifications if someone takes a screenshot of a disappearing message.

Media Sharing Upgrade

Every day, over 1.3 billion photos and videos are shared on Messenger. We’ve now made it simpler to access these media files, improved image quality, added creative layouts, and introduced enhanced controls for responding or reacting to any photo or video within a collection. We have more improvements in the works, including testing HD media and enhancements to file sharing with a small group of users, with plans to roll out these upgrades widely in the coming months.

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