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Volkswagen Cuts Costs in Face of EV Transition Challenges


Volkswagen is changing things up with a focus on its people. Instead of layoffs, they’re opting for early retirements to reduce staff, showing care for their workforce.

Volkswagen’s leader, Thomas Schaefer, sums it up: “We will need to operate with fewer people in many areas at Volkswagen in the future.” This means a leaner and more efficient operation.

They’re also speeding up how often they release new car models, going from every 50 months to every 36 months. This means more frequent updates to keep their brand fresh and competitive.

In a big move, they’re scrapping a planned $862 million research site in Germany, choosing to prioritize immediate efficiency over long-term projects.

Wolfsburg Plant

All of this is happening as Volkswagen’s production numbers take a hit. The Wolfsburg plant, which used to make 780,000 cars a year, is now aiming for 500,000, a big change.

Can this iconic brand smoothly transition into the era of electric cars?

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