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Google Calendar App For iPhone Now Available For Download

Google Calendar App For iPhone Now Available For Download

Google launched on Tuesday its Google Calendar app (version 1.0.2) for iPhone.

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iPhone devices running iOS 7.0 and higher versions can already avail this app on App Store. The Google Calendar app for iPhone can automatically turn emails into Calendar events by saving it as an entry to remind the user, provided that an email has a place, time and date (not as attachment). This feature that is identical to the new Google Calendar on Android can also be disabled according to the preference of the user.

Google Calendar for iPhone also features ‘Assists’ that provides suggestions aimed at helping the user save time in creating events. On top of that is the new Schedule View for one day, three days and a week.

Google brought update to the Calendar app for Android last month, and has based the changes on users’ feedback. The changes included are pinch-to-zoom and a ‘Week’ view together with ‘3 Day’ and ‘Day’ view, a replacement on the earlier which only features ‘5 Day’ and ‘Day’.

Moreover, the ability to add Google Drive files to events and even open them inside the app was added. Birthdays from Google+ that is shown in settings can also be controlled by users. “A new option to show week numbers in settings,” and “import .ics files sent to you in Gmail and other apps,” are also among the changes attached.

Check out this video:

Google also released alongside on Tuesday a new app named Interactive Events on Google Play, which is still in the works and is currently in the decoding stage.

Check this link for iTunes preview of the app.




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