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How to Fix Xiaomi Mijia Mi Home 360 Camera not scanning QR code

Mijia Mi Home 360-degree 1080p Security Camera Global or International Version

Xiaomi Mijia, DaFang, XiaoFang mi home cameras not scanning and connecting to the phone app

If your Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera either of the Mijia 360-degree 1080p model, Dafang monitoring, or Xiaofaong camera is not working by having an issue of not connecting to your Android or iPhone smartphone app and not scanning the QR code, then here’s an easy fix for it.

In my case, I experienced the error and problem after resetting the camera and connecting it to the new smartphone. After it, it won’t scan the QR code displayed on my new phone nor it could be manually.

In your case, the cause might be different but with the same problem of not successfully connecting could be fixed with the following easy guide below.


Download older version of Mi Home App:

  1. Delete the latest Xiaomi Mi Home app installed in your phone
  2. Download the older version of Mi Home application from Mirror APK Site or by searching in google for “Mi Home 4.0.11 apk” (for Android)
  3. Install app and select your specific region (Singapore for the Asia Pacific and the Philippines)
  4. Sign in to your account
  5. Just update the application after you successfully added your Xiaomi Mi Home camera

Use Bluetooth connection to connect the Xiaomi Mi Home camera in your phone instead of QR code scanning:

  1. Plugged in the Mi Security camera
  2. Reset the Mi Security camera by pressing the button for 3 seconds until yellow light flashes
  3. Connect your phone to your Home’s WiFi connection (2.4G not 5G)
  4. Turn on phone’s Bluetooth
  5. On Mi Home app, a notification will appear that a device is nearby
  6. If number 5 does not work, try to turn off and on Bluetooth and the Mi Security Camera
Connecting to 2.4GHz on latest WiFi or wireless router with 5G and 2.4 GHz

The trick is that you need to have the Mi Home Security camera appear automatically on the radar of your Mi Home app. In this case, it will not require you to scan the QR code.

Again, after successfully adding your Mi Home Security camera, just update the application.

For iPhone or any iOS devices from Apple, if the latest app won’t work, you need to use an Android smartphone to add the device into your account. Alternatively, share the added camera on your Android phone to your Mi Home account in iPhone.

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  1. hi, i tried to follow all the steps to try to connect my xiaomi dafang but it is still not working. is there any other way on how to connect sa dafang? i still can’t scan the qr code. please help and thanks!

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