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Elon Musk Considers Subscription Fee for X

Subscription Fee for X

CEO Elon Musk said that the social media site will start charging users a small monthly payment to use it. This means that the site might no longer be free.

According to a story by CNBC News, the businessman floated the idea for X during a livestreamed conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, where they talked about technology as well as the risks that come with it.

Musk said that one of his main goals for X is to charge its users a monthly fee. He said this because the platform has “bot problems” and thinks that this will fix them.

Musk has not said much more about the fee yet.

The billionaire CEO also said that 550 million people now use X every month. But CNBC News said that Elon Musk “did not disclose how many of the company’s monthly users are authentic, versus bots.” His comparisons with measures that Twitter had used before were also not “apples to apples.”

In October, Musk paid $44 billion for X. The social networking site’s Blue service went live earlier this year all over the world, including in the Philippines.

With it, users can enjoy a number of extra benefits and features that make the app experience better. It costs P440 a month or P5,280 a year to subscribe to Blue.

Twitter Basic Blue Will Reduce Advertisements

A plan that lasts a year costs PHP4,600, or PHP383.33 a month, with a 12% savings.


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