Coming Soon? Apple Tests Dual Flip-Style Foldable iPhone Prototypes

foldable iphone
Photo Credits: Mac Rumors


Apple is reportedly in the works with not one, but two foldable iPhone prototypes, inspired by the flip-style design seen in popular flip phones.

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, expressed curiosity about foldable iPhones back in 2018 and even showed interest in a 7-inch foldable display. However, the tech giant faced hurdles in balancing durability, slim design, and justifying the high price.

Initially envisioning an external display when closed, Apple faced durability challenges, prompting a shift to an inward-folding iPad concept in 2020. This iPad, roughly the size of the iPad mini, became a testing ground for Apple’s foray into foldable devices on a smaller scale.

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Presently, Apple engineers are tackling issues like the crease formed by repeated folding and designing a hinge for a flat display, collaborating with LG and Samsung. The goal is to bring a foldable iPad to market, providing users a chance to experience the technology on a more manageable scale.

How will Apple’s venture into foldable devices reshape the future of smartphones and tablets?