Apple Eyes Google’s Gemini for iOS 18 Integration

ios 18

As 2024 started, we shared that Beyond messaging, Apple is venturing into generative AI technology to enhance Siri and the Messages app’s ability to handle queries and auto-complete sentences.

iOS 18 Updates

Now, Apple is really gearing up to shake things up with the upcoming iOS 18 release. Insider info from Mark Gurman suggests that Apple is teaming up with OpenAI to bring some seriously cool AI features to your iPhone.

Apple is also thinking about teaming up with Google Gemini’s AI for the iOS 18. It’s like they’re keeping their options open, looking to give you even more cool stuff on your iPhone.

So, what’s all the buzz about? Well, get ready for some fancy new AI tricks and features that could totally change how you use your iPhone, making things way easier and more fun.

With all these exciting changes on the horizon, it looks like the iPhone is about to get even better. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates!