Apple Considering Replacing Google Search

apple considering replacing google

Google, a widely preferred search engine, is the go-to choice for billions of users globally, including those with Apple devices. However, Apple has a history of avoiding reliance on external technologies. Recent reports suggest that Apple has been actively developing its own search engine, considering it as a potential replacement for Google on its devices.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple has been exploring search technology for quite some time. While the development is still in progress, the objective is to provide Apple users with a more seamlessly integrated and private search solution compared to Google.

Apple has already initiated testing of its search technology in some apps, particularly noticeable in Spotlight, which aids users in finding items across their devices. The search results within Spotlight have been powered by Bing or Google in the past. Apple has also shown interest in search technology through discussions with Microsoft about potentially acquiring Bing.

If Apple decides to replace Google on its products, it could significantly impact Google’s revenue, given the vast number of Apple devices utilizing Google’s search technologies. Notably, Apple currently receives a portion of Google’s search ad revenue, generating approximately $8 billion in annual commission from this arrangement.