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YouTube Videos will Automatically Add Chapters; YouTube Shorts will launch Beta Soon


YouTube has announced in a recent blog post that it would be adding some new features to its product offerings. First is video chapters which will soon be automatically added to YouTube videos. This is a feature wherein a huge YouTube video would then be broken down and be added chapters. So instead of skimming through the whole video looking for a piece of specific information, you can easily just choose what chapter it is on.

The next one is the launch of the redesigned YouTube VR app. This update will provide an improvement in navigation as well as accessibility. This will also improve the search function for the VR form.

Another update is that YouTube will be including an offline viewing functionality. Due to the success of YouTube TV, Google has decided to add this feature so that anyone can view their recorded shows for offline consumption. This feature is helpful and convenient especially in areas where limited internet or no connection is found. Google will be adding the feature which will be bundled along with the option to view videos (if available) in 4K.

Also, YouTube is going to expand its YouTube Shorts. Since the ban of TikTok in India, YouTube Shorts have been filling in the gaps it left. According to YouTube, Shorts have amassed 3.5 billion views daily worldwide. Ultimately, Shorts will be launching its beta in the next few weeks, probably in March already, in the United States.

Lastly, YouTube Music will have an expansion in its personalized activity or mood-based playlist creations and will also be adding new parental tools for the YouTube Kids app.


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