YouTube Tries Sitcom-Style Ads for Smart TVs

youtube sitcom-style ads

YouTube is changing the way it advertises on smart TVs, Apple TV, and gaming systems. They want to make it more like watching traditional TV. YouTube is trying out fewer, longer ad breaks on these platforms, which are often called “connected TV” (CTV) experiences, instead of lots of short ads.

The change comes from some interesting things that viewers do and like. YouTube found that the average U.S. CTV viewer watches for at least 21 minutes, which is about how long a normal sitcom is. Research also shows that a large number of watchers (79%) would rather have a long ad break once than have their video cut off several times.

This “fewer but longer” ad plan seems to be based on how ads are shown on UK TV, which often gives viewers enough time to get a cup of tea. On the other hand, American TV shows like “Grey’s Anatomy” are known for having short, regular breaks that make you wish there was a pause button.

YouTube hasn’t said exactly how it plans to do this, so there are a lot of questions. Will a break of four minutes replace four breaks of one minute? And, most importantly, will the overall amount of ad time per hour go up?

It’s clear that YouTube is rethinking how ads fit into our binge-watching sessions. They want to make sure ads don’t get in the way as much as possible and give us a better CTV experience.