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Xiaomi Youpin Xiaovv Outdoor Security Camera Review – Durable and Reliable?


There are a lot of security cameras that can be bought online but only a few are reliables. The one from the branded companies like Xiaomi is affordable and reliable at the same time. But how about from its sister companies? Are the cameras worth it too?

Why I bought the Xiaovv Outdoor Camera

I already bought 2 Xiaomi 360 indoor security camera and so far I am satisfied with its features and image output. The only downside to this model is that it is not outdoor and weatherproof (water and sun proofing as well).

There is no supported outdoor Xiaomi camera that is available in the local market of the Philippines aside from its sister brand, Youpin Xiaovv. The one that I tried and wanted to review here is the Youpin Xiaovv Outdoor Camera. Should you buy it? Find out in our full review.

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Cons and downside

The only negative issue I found was it is almost impossible to add the camera and pair it using the Xiaomi Mi Home App. I tried changing the server and region to China but to no luck. Other regions will not show the Xiaovv camera when you try to manually add it to your Mi Home app.

Pairing with nearby devices via Bluetooth is also a miss and it’s unsuccessful. The next thing you should do is rely on their default app which is the V380 Pro that can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Another thing you should know about the camera is that it lacks motorized control unlike the 360 Camera of Xiaomi. Its angle, however, is 180-degree which is far greater than most Xiaomi’s cameras.


What I like about it

The first thing I like about it is how robust the camera when installed outdoor. Sun’s heat and rain are easily repelled as well as moisture from the changing weather.

The next thing that I feel very useful is the built-in antennas. It makes installing the camera afar from the WiFi router and hotspot possible. The reception is also stable and faster when compared to Xiaomi’s 360-degree camera.

It works with or without WiFi too!

As long as there is a microSD card inserted, the camera will work with or without a WiFi connection. But you will need to have the connection back in order to remotely check and replay the recorded videos.

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Software and recording capabilities

Using the V380 app, you can replay and save the images and videos recorded by the camera provided you have installed a microSD memory card. It supports up to 64GB and I recommend buying online as it is cheaper compared to malls.

So how does the camera records images and videos? Simply, it tracks movements and light distortion in the area of angle. At day, it tracks movements from pets, peoples, and unwanted movements from different objects. It records from 2-minute to 5-minute long depending on the setup.

For low light and night vision, it automatically uses infrared and making the image and video black and white. Through this, it still manages to records movements especially with the presence of people and pets.

Image quality for a 1080p resolution

The image quality can provide very good face details for peoples at 1 meter to 5 meters. But more than that it is quite hard to read car plates and recognize faces especially at night–which is true for most cameras.


For a sub-P2k outdoor camera, you can already remotely check and monitor your premises and houses. Its weatherproofing is also a reliable feature if you’re planning to install it outside your home or without protection from sun and rain. Its disadvantages are pretty minors in my opinion considering its affordable price.


Specs of Youpin Xiaovv Outdoor Camera

  • 1080p video and image quality
  • 180-degree or panoramic angle
  • Wireless 802.11 b/g/n WiFi support
  • Microphone and speaker
  • AI Human and Pet detection
  • Fixed position
  • Water and weatherproof
  • max 64GB microSD card support or optional Cloud Storage
  • Remote app and control function (V380 app outside China)
  • Price ranges from P1,600.00 to P1,900.00 from online stores
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