Home Tech News Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 appears in a leaked video clip

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 appears in a leaked video clip


Xiaomi has been intensely promoting their upcoming flagship handset ahead of its October 25 official launch, and part of the promotion is to highlight some of its key specs and features.

According to the leaks, the Mi Mix 3 will arrive with both Face Unlock and in-display fingerprint scanner, and few days before the official launch, the Mi Mix 3’s face unlock technology appeared in a leaked video.

The video clip is only 4-seconds long, suggesting that the Mi Mix 3‘s face unlock technology works super fast. As you can see on the video, with just a swipe, the device opened the laptop in just a few seconds. The laptop has the Dynamic Lock feature in Windows 10 that’s why the smartphone was able to control it.

Apart from the face unlock feature, Xiaomi confirmed that there’ll be a 10GB of RAM onboard as well as 5G support. For security,  the face unlock and in-display fingerprint scanner will be accompanied by an iris scanner.

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