vivo Y17s With IP54 Rating Bridges Durability and Elegance

vivo y17s with ip54 rating bridges durability elegance for filipinos

Vivo just released a smartphone that was carefully made to meet the specific needs of Filipino users. The vivo Y17s is made to survive the unpredictable weather in the Philippines. It has an IP54 rating for dust and water protection, and its frosted and glittery design makes it look classy.

The Philippines is known for having a wide range of weather conditions that are hard to predict. It can rain suddenly or be very hot.

In this situation, being able to use a smartphone in any weather is not just a nice-to-have, it’s a necessity for daily life. With an IP54 rating, the vivo Y17s is great for this purpose.

Water and Dust Resistance

Since the Philippines is a tropical country, the rainy season usually lasts from June to December. But because the Philippines is made up of different types of land, the weather is notoriously hard to predict.

It’s no surprise that Filipinos are always caught off guard by sudden changes in the weather, whether they are outside, on the way to work, or just going about their daily lives.

The vivo Y17s changes the game by having an IP54 grade, which means it is very resistant to dust and water.

It lets users go about their day without worrying about damage from rain or dust, so they can communicate, have fun, and get work done without interruption.

With its IP54 rating, the vivo Y17s shows that the company is dedicated to meeting the specific needs of the Filipino market. This makes sure that the smartphone will always be a trusted friend, rain or shine.

Frosted Elegance Design

There is a luxurious Glitter AG texture in the Glitter Purple version that gives it a sophisticated and deep look. The colour purple comes to life with strength and originality. It’s a colour that stands out and suggests a unique and beautiful style.

The Forest Green, on the other hand, takes everyone on a trip into nature. Its style is a tribute to the big forest, with a basic but lush look. This version takes a new method by combining two different textures into one beautiful design.

vivo’s goal is to make cutting edge technology available to everyone. The vivo Y17s with 4GB RAM and 128GB ROM is a great example of this commitment because it is both durable and stylish, and it’s also very cheap.

For just PHP6,999, you can get this mix of style and durability on the official website, Shopee, Lazada, TikTok, and in shops all over the country.

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