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Vivo just beat Xiaomi with 120W Super FlashCharge Technology


As impressive as Huawei’s SuperCharge on the P30 Pro, Vivo’s 120W fast charging technology is literally out of this world. How would you like adding 4 percent on your phone every 15 seconds? Because that’s exactly what the Chinese company teased the other day.

Via a post on Weibo, although the video didn’t show the time of a single full charge, we can see that the percentage goes up very fast within seconds. When asked how long it’d take from zero to full, the company claimed 13 minutes. A few months ago, Xiaomi teased a 100W fast charging on a phone — hitting 17 minutes to a full charge.

At the moment, either of the aforementioned fast charging technologies has yet to hit the commercial market. OPPO Find X remains to be the fastest — taking 35 minutes to fill up its 3500mAh tank. While Huawei isn’t too shabby — taking a single hour for its 4200mAh battery.

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