Twitter Verified Service With Colors Will Launch Next Week

twitter verified service

Twitter Verified Service : Twitter Inc. plans to launch its verified service next Friday, with different colored checks for people, businesses, and governments. This is because the first launch of the service went wrong, leading to many people pretending to be celebrities and brands on the platform.

Friday, CEO Elon Musk gave each category a color: gold for businesses, gray for governments, and a blue check for people, including celebrities.

“Painful, but necessary,” he say, adding that verified accounts will be manually verified before a check is turne on.

In another tweet on Friday, he said that the new $8-per-month service (approx. ₱ 450) would let people have a smaller, secondary logo of their organizations if they have verified them. “I’ll tell you more next week.”

Monday, the social media site put off its relaunch so that it could be make foolproof. The service is expect to help Twitter make more money at a time when Musk is trying to keep advertisers after buying the company for $44 billion last month.

Musk called the subscription service a “great leveler. But it was put on hold on November 11 because there were so many fake accounts. This forced the wealthiest person in the world to give some users back the “official” badge.

For example, a user pretending to be the drug company Eli Lilly and Co. tweeted that insulin would be free. This caused the company’s stock to drop, and the company had to apologize.

Some companies, like General Motors (GM.N) and United Airlines (UAL.O), stopped or pulled back their ads on the platform because of the trouble. Musk says, though, that the growth of Twitter users is at an all-time high.