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Spotify’s Game-Changing Update to Bring TikTok-like Features!

Spotify TikTok-like Features

This week, at the Stream On event in Los Angeles, the music service Spotify showed the public an updated version of its app. Spotify TikTok-like Features will come soon! The developers announced a music feed that scrolls vertically, a Smart Shuffle mode that suggests playlists, a tool to play podcasts automatically, and more.

Your Pee Is Trying To Tell You Something

The new design is based on an update to the interface that came out in August of last year. To separate music and podcasts, the feeds were split into their own categories. When you tap Music, Podcasts & Shows, or Audiobooks at the top of the home screen, you can see a map feed that scrolls up and down like TikTok. The music feed will still show links to recommended playlists and recommended mixes.

One of the newer features of the service, called AI DJ, analyzes what the user is listening to and uses unique algorithms to make recommendations based on preferences and give more information about artists and tracks. Only Spotify Premium users in the US and Canada can now use the AI DJ, but the developers plan to bring it to other markets.

Users see short looped canvas clips based on artist clips as they scroll through the music feed. With this method, the developers could make a user interface that looks like TikTok, which could be helpful. Fans recently found a videotape on Spotify with short vertical clips that are now only available to a small group of insiders.

Smart Shuffle

You can view the podcast feed using the same method. Similar to the music feed, you can scroll the podcast feed vertically. The same is true for the audiobook feed. This is a new focus for the company, but the platform already has more than 300,000 audiobooks. The algorithms that run each feed rank the suggested content based on what each user likes.

The Spotify app also gets other updates, such as a Smart Shuffle feature that adds recommended songs as the playlist plays. Artists can also make a new countdown page for their albums.

At first, the updated Spotify will only be available on mobile devices, and in the future, it will also be available on other platforms. Over 500 million monthly active users will get the new version in waves. So, Spotify has confirmed, as expected, that it has more than 500 million users.


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