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Why Sony Xperia X Performance is a better selfie camera than Galaxy S7

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After the in-depth comparison and review, the Sony Xperia X Performance and Samsung Galaxy S7 prove to be the best cameraphone today with former being superior in colors and daylight shooting and the latter on low light. But for taking selfie photos, it seems the Sony Xperia X Performance with a 13MP is a better shooter than the Galaxy S7. Find out why.

High-res, more megapixels camera mean sharper image

Although having more pixels does not mean it’s superior in camera quality over the lesser one, the 13MP camera of the Xperia X Performance is noticeably sharper and more detailed compared to the 5MP front-facing camera of its rival.

Although you can tweak the Skin Tone and other beauty effect levels in Samsung Galaxy S7, the detail handling is still pretty much over sharpened and funky.

Natural and vivid colors on the Xperia X Performance

One visible disadvantage of Samsung Galaxy selfie cameras is the bland or pale color reproduction. There are times you can get a warm and pleasing photos with the Galaxy S7, but most of the shots produce dull and boring colors due to the over brightening of the software and camera algorithms.

Compared to the Xperia X Performance, you can still get the naturalistic and lively colors although the Xperia X Performance does struggle in white balance sometimes.

Exposure and brightness control

With a wider aperture, photos are expected to be brighter than the smaller aperture-equipped lens, but not in the case of Samsung Galaxy S7 where every shot is visibly over exposed most of the time. This not only spoils the colors but the overall quality of the selfie photos too.

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Selfie cameras are designed to fit specific region or culture

What OEMs or manufacturers do with their camera algorithms include setting up to fit what they think best for their customers and that’s what I have noticed with Samsung. The camera process is over bright and too skin toned or with airbrush effect, both are popular effects in Asia where a lot of people use their phones for taking selfie photos.

This is where Sony Xperia camera phones have the advantage because they have more pleasing and natural selfie photos with mild or not too destructing beautification level. Aside from the Sony Xperia phones, iPhones are also using naturalistic camera process.


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