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Pokemon Go now supports Asus Zenfone 2 with Intel CPU, Download APK here

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Pokemon Go version 0.29.2 supports Asus Zenfone 2 with Intel Atom

With the official release in Germany of Pokemon Go today, Nintendo also updated the app to version 0.29.2 with official support to Intel Atom devices. This means Pokemon Go app is now playable and compatible to Asus Zenfone 2 series including the Deluxe version.

The app is officially available and can be downloaded in Android Play Store or iOS App Store in select countries like Germany, USA, New Zealand, and Australia.


Server is down but APK installer is optional

If the game is not yet available in your country like in the Philippines, you have the choice to install the APK installer for Android while Apple devices are left with the option to change their region. However, the servers of Pokemon Go are not yet opened to unsupported countries, but there’s a rumor from a reliable source that Nintendo will make Pokemon Go official and available in many countries including Asia with the Philippines, Japan, and Europe with UK.

Again, if you’re eager to download the app while the server is down, you can download the latest version here (v29.2).


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      • I beg to differ. Using Zenfore 5 and I have already catched my starter. Just wait for it for a while. Hope it will work for you too!

      • I just catched my starter but nothing else follows. I cant see any other pokemon or pokestop. Just the map

  1. Not sure if this problem is with anyone else but it says it’s not able to find my location yet it shows my accurate location on the map yet nothing pops up on the map itself, just my avatar and surrounding area. Probably still bugged and not fully compatible with the intel processor.

  2. Stop asking, look at the date of the article, crazy people paranoid waiting for PokemonGo that is not allowed in their region.

  3. Cant download now the new patch or even if you unstall then reinstall the new pokemon go.. so said.. I have Asus ZenFone 2 Laser ZE550L

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