Sony Increases Annual Subscription Prices Across All Tiers

sony annual subscription

Sony put out the September games for PlayStation Plus earlier today. Now, there’s bad news for people who use the service. The Japanese company said in a statement that it has raised the prices for all levels of its PS Plus yearly subscription, which was first offered last year.

For those who don’t know, Sony’s PS Plus service is like Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, which lets you download free games every month while you’re a member. There are also other perks, such as special deals, cloud saves, and access to online multiplayer games.

Sony did not say directly why the prices of PlayStation Plus contracts were going up. The company also said that it will be used all over the world and allow them to keep giving high-quality games and other features that add value to the service.

On September 6, the new prices for the PS Plus contract will go into effect. Current PS Plus members won’t be impacted by the price increase until their next renewal date, which is on or after November 6. But the new prices will take into account any changes to the membership, like upgrades, downgrades, or getting more time.

PlayStation Plus is a service that you need to join if you want to play online games on your PS4 or PS5. It comes in three different levels, called the following:

  • Essential
  • Extra
  • Deluxe

Prices have gone up in all three of these areas. The price of, which a 12-month contract to Essential gives you three games each month, has gone up from $60 (PHP3,400) to $80 (PHP4,500).

The PS Plus Extra has the same benefits as the Essential tier, but it also lets you play a wide range of games for the PS4 and PS5. It used to cost $100 (PHP5,600), but now it costs $135 (PHP7,640). Last, the most expensive level of PS Plus, PS Plus Deluxe, is going from $120 (PHP6,800) to $160 (PHP9,000).

It has all the perks of the essential and extra tiers and gives you access to the PS1, PS2, PS3, and PSP game libraries. It’s important to note that the new prices are different in each area.

Even though the price of a yearly PlayStation Plus membership went up, all of the tiers are still cheaper than buying a one-month or three-month membership every month for a year.

No matter what, fans are not happy that the prices of PS Plus have gone up. Subscribers to Sony will hopefully be able to play better games every month.