Samsung ViewFinity S9 5K Monitor Is Now Available in the US

samsung viewfinity s9 5k monitor

The new ViewFinity S9 5K Display from Samsung is now on sale in the US. This year, the monitor was first shown at CES, and you can now pre-order it on Amazon. The monitor can now be bought in the US.

The Samsung ViewFinity S9 is a 27-inch 5K monitor made for people who work in the artistic field. It has a high resolution of 5,120 x 2,880, a wide color gamut of 99% DCI P3, and an average Delta E 21 color accuracy, which makes it perfect for editing pictures and videos.

samsung viewfinity s9 5k monitor

The monitor also has a built-in Color Calibration Engine and the Samsung Smart Calibration app, which let users fine-tune the color and brightness settings for even more accurate color reproduction. The matte display keeps shadows and glare to a minimum, making it easier to see.

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The ViewFinity S9 has a USB Type-C port, Thunderbolt 4 ports, and a Mini DisplayPort for connecting to other devices. Devices plugged into the Thunderbolt 4 port can get up to 90 watts of power from it.

The monitor also has a 4K SlimFit webcam that can be taken off and has tilt controls and Auto Framing, which keeps moving objects in the middle of the shot. It also has built-in speakers with Adaptive Sound+, which adjusts the sound output automatically based on the amount of noise in the room.

samsung viewfinity s9 5k monitor

Also, the monitor comes with Smart TV apps and a remote control already installed, so you can use it as a TV even if you don’t connect it to a computer. This means you don’t have to switch devices to watch video apps, play games, or do other things.

The new ViewFinity S9 5K Display from Samsung can now be bought from or Amazon in the United States. It will cost you $1,599.99 or about PHP33,500.