Is Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 the Next Thinnest Foldable?

samsung galaxy z fold6
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 | Manila Shaker


Samsung has taken note of the competition, aiming for a sleeker profile with the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold6. Unlike its bulkier predecessor, the rumored Fold6 is expected to slim down to just 11 mm when closed, a significant improvement from the Galaxy Z Fold5’s 13.4 mm thickness.


While the leaked image is a mere approximation, the potential for a thinner design has generated excitement. Keep in mind, this is still a rumor, so the actual unveiling in late July will confirm the details together with the Samsung Galaxy Ring.

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The move towards a slimmer foldable is long overdue for Samsung, and if the speculation holds true, users can anticipate a more streamlined and enjoyable experience.

The Galaxy Z Fold6 is set to share the stage with the Galaxy Z Flip6 and the teased Galaxy Ring at the upcoming launch event. As we eagerly await confirmation, what sets Samsung apart from the earlier iterations of slim foldable smartphones that were introduced?