Samsung Addresses Dark Photo Camera Issue in Galaxy S24 Ultra

galaxy s24 ultra


In January, Samsung introduced the Galaxy S24 Ultra, and since then, they’ve rolled out a few updates to enhance the overall user experience.

Once again, there’s a recurring problem – the very same one that caused headaches for users of the earlier S23 Ultra model, a topic discussed in the Samsung Community.

Specifically, there’s an issue with the camera, causing photos to appear unnaturally dark under certain conditions.


The problem occurs when adjusting the auto exposure while zoomed in within a specific range in the camera app. Essentially, if you lock the exposure between 1.6-1.9x and 4.6-9.9x zoom levels and snap a photo, you’ll end up with an unexpectedly dark image.

Acknowledging the concern, Samsung has assured S24 Ultra users that they’re actively working on a solution. It’s worth noting that the majority of users may not encounter this issue, as it necessitates precise adjustments to reproduce.

So, while Samsung addresses this glitch, users can rest assured knowing that a fix is in the works. After all, who wouldn’t want their snapshots to shine as brightly as they should?