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Possible Mandatory E-bike Registration, Coming Soon?

E-bike Registration
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The Land Transportation Office (LTO) is proposing mandatory registration for electric scooters and e-bicycles, regardless of their capacity. This means that only registered electric scooters and e-bicycles will be permitted on public roads. The proposal is set to be presented to the Department of Transportation.

How to Register an E-Bike in LTO

As per LTO Administrative Order 2021-035, electric vehicles (EVs) with a maximum speed below 25 kilometers per hour are exempt from registration with the LTO. This exemption aims to streamline the registration process for slower EVs.

LTO Chief Vigor Mendoza emphasized that registering e-vehicles is crucial for road safety, particularly in cases of accidents. Unregistered e-bikes, according to Mendoza, should be limited to use within private roads or subdivisions.

Driving unregistered vehicles or those with expired registrations may incur a fine of PHP10,000.

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