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PLDT, Smart have the fastest internet speed in the Philippines

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Ookla has released a new ranking based from last quarter of 2018 for internet speed and quality in the Philippines. Both PLDT and SMART came out to the top for fixed and mobile internet connection, respectively.

PLDT beats both Sky Broadband and rival Globe in terms of download and upload speed for fixed line or connection found in homes and businesses. PLDT has an average of 52.28 Mbps D/L speed and 55.95 Mbps U/L speed. Coming at 2nd place is Sky Broadband which has 30.42 Mbps download.

For mobile connectivity, Smart edges up Globe with 13.85 Mbps download speed and 6.35 Mbps upload compared to 11.36 Mbps D/L and 4.94 Mbps U/L of the latter.

In terms of latency or lag, PLDT and Smart have the least delay.

mislatel new telco 2 DICT philippines

Last time, an independent research company also named PLDT-Smart as the most reliable internet provider.

Mislatel Consortium will enter as the 3rd telco provider starting this year once both DICT and NTC give a go signal. This will greatly affect the competition and could provide better service for consumers.

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