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Philippine Internet Speed ranks at 103rd, Below global average

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With the improvements that both SMART-PLDT and Globe have done over the past years, the internet speed in the Philippines is still below average according to the latest Speedtest Global Index report for 2019.

Just yesterday, we reported that Philippine’s internet speed for mobile and fixed-line have indeed improved. However, in terms of global competitiveness and ranking, both mobile and fixed-line are still below the global speed average.

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For a mobile speed average of 26.12 Mbps, the Philippine ranks at 103rd with 15.06 Mbps among 139 countries. This place puts the Philippines behind Zimbabwe while Norway takes the top spot with 67.54 Mbps.

On the other hand, the fixed-line speed for DSL and fiber at 57.91 Mbps is still far from 19.51 Mbps speed in the Philippines. On top of the chart is Singapore with 199.62 Mbps for this category while Hong Kong follows with 168.69 Mbps.

The Philippines is hoping to further hasten the improvement of the quality of internet service locally with the addition of the 3rd major telco player under Mislatel Consortium composing of Udenna Corporation, China Telecom, and Chelsea Logistics.

Mislatel is targetting to start operating by the end of this year with the company expecting to have their first subscribers.

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