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PH Facebook Hacking Is Concerning

Facebook Hacking

The Philippine National Police Anti-Cybercrime Group (PNP-ACG) said that the number of Facebook hackings in the country has hit an alarming level over the past three years.

The PNP-ACG said that there were 503 known hackings of Facebook in 2021, but that number jumped to 1,402 in 2022. From January to June 2023, 743 reports of Facebook being hacked were made.

Sabino said that hackers are always coming up with new ways to take advantage of compromised accounts, which can have serious financial and emotional effects on the victims.

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She said that the main goal of these hackers is to change the names of people whose accounts have been hacked. This lets cybercriminals set up different scams.

To avoid falling prey to these bad things, the PNP-ACG urged all Facebook users to take a number of important security steps, such as turning on two-factor authentication, staying away from public Wi-Fi networks, and logging out of devices when they are not being used.

Sabino said that securing a Facebook account is important not only to protect personal information but also to stop cybercriminals from using the name of another person to hurt other people.


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