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OriginOS 3.0 X Android 13 Beta Rollout Schedule for Vivo and iQOO Smartphones

OriginOS 3.0 X Android 13 Beta Rollout

Vivo announced today that OriginOS 3.0, the newest version of its custom Android skin, has a new Atomic System design, many ways to make it your own, and new features.

We’d love to see the software on the global market, but it’s only available in China. The company also said when the Android 13 beta software would be available for all eligible Vivo and iQOO phones. Let’s look at what’s going on.

Vivo posted on Weibo about when Android 13-based OriginOS 3.0 Beta will be available for Vivo and iQOO phones that are eligible. The company will start putting the beta update on its phones on November 25 and will be done by March 2023.

Beta Rollout Schedule for Eligible Vivo and iQOO Smartphones

Vivo X Fold+Vivo X70 Pro+Vivo X70 ProVivo S15e
Vivo X FoldVivo X70Vivo X70tVivo S10e
Vivo X NoteVivo S12 ProVivo X60 Pro+Vivo S9e
Vivo X80 ProVivo S12Vivo X60t Pro+Vivo T2x
Vivo X80DECEMBER 2022 (iQOO)Vivo X60 ProVivo Y77
Vivo S15 ProiQOO 8 ProVivo X60Vivo Y77e
Vivo X80 Pro Dimensity 9000 editioniQOO 8Vivo X60tMARCH 2023 (iQOO)
Vivo S15iQOO 7Vivo S10 ProiQOO 5 Pro
NOVEMBER 25, 2022 (iQOO)iQOO Neo 5Vivo S10iQOO 5 Pro
iQOO 10 ProiQOO Neo 5SVivo S10 9iQOO 3
iQOO 9iQOO Neo 6 SE
iQOO 9 ProiQOO Neo 5
iQOO Neo 7iQOO Neo 5 SE
iQOO Neo 6iQOO Z5

Take note that this is when the beta update for OriginOS 3.0 will happen. Stay around to find out what’s new!

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