Nokia is Now Rebranded as HMD



HMD Global CEO, Jean Francois Baril, recently confirmed the upcoming launch of their first HMD models. The NokiaMobile X (formerly Twitter) account has undergone a major transformation, now proudly sporting the name HMD, which stands for Human Mobile Devices. This shift signals a significant change, waving goodbye to the iconic Nokia brand.

The rebranding not only assures us of fresh HMD products on the horizon but also provides a glimpse into the brand’s potential.

HMD is gearing up to unveil a diverse product portfolio, including smartphones, tablets, and wireless earbuds. Rumor has it that the inaugural HMD-branded smartphones might make their debut at the highly anticipated MWC Barcelona from February 26-29.

HMD, deciphered as Human Mobile Devices, suggests a focus on user-centric technology. The official website proudly declares HMD as the “Makers of Nokia phones,” hinting at the possibility of upcoming Nokia-branded feature phones.

Are we witnessing Nokia’s return through HMD’s innovative ventures?