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Meta Platforms Unveils AI Chatbot at September Developer Event

Meta AI Chatbot

Analysts at UBS said Monday that Facebook-owned Meta Platforms will likely show off a new chatbot for consumers that is driven by generative artificial intelligence at its Connect developer event next month.

In a note to clients, UBS analysts said that the technology should be available “across WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook,” which are three of Meta’s most popular social media services.

UBS analysts said that the move would put the California-based company in a good situation to get a piece of the around $200 billion search advertising market. They also said that the chatbot could boost Meta’s sales by more than $20B.

Last week, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that more information about the chatbot would be shared at Connect. But he gave a broad idea of what he wanted AI to be: a tool that can “act as assistants, coaches, or help you interact with businesses and creators.”

He said that Meta is working on an AI bot that will help businesses with customer service, as well as an AI tool that will be used internally to help employees work more efficiently.

But it was still not clear how Zuckerberg planned to turn AI into a way to make money. He also said that investments in AI are likely to make running costs go up next year.


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