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MemeUI Enhancer: A module for MIUI optimizes performance of Xiaomi’s system

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Xiaomi continues to implement MIUI improvements with improvements to the camera, but users still report that the system still suffers from slowness, especially on smartphones with more modest settings. It is now possible to improve this scenario a little more with the MemeUI Enhancer module, which optimizes the performance of MIUI.

The MemeUI Enhancer module created by the developer “iamlooper” basically optimizes the applications and services running on the MIUI that consume battery and RAM in the background, in this way the system can run faster and more efficiently by disabling unnecessary items from MIUI.

MemeUI Enhancer is Magisk module, so you need to have bootloader unlocked and Magisk installed on your phone for it to work. Also, the module only works on smartphones with MIUI 11 or newer.


To install MemeUI Enhancer you first need to download the module from the official developer page on Github via the link below:

MemeUI Enhancer – download

Once downloaded, move the .ZIP file to your phone’s internal memory and open Magisk to install it. It is worth remembering that using Magisk and installing it can cause irreversible problems on your device, so proceed with caution.

Credits: XiaoMIUI

Just tap on the Magisk modules part icon in the bottom area and then on “Install from storage”. In this step, just look for the .ZIP file on your phone’s internal storage and tap on it to install it.

Credits: XiaoMIUI

In the end, you will need to restart your smartphone to enable the module, which will automatically configure the system to work in the best possible way.

If you have any problems, just undo the module changes with the command su -c “XpGaEzx in a terminal application for Android with Root access. Once this is done, disable, remove the MemeUI Enhancer from Magisk and restart your phone.

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