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Logitech G413 SE, G413 TKL SE Mechanical Gaming Keyboards now in the Philippines

Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Logitech G has recently launched the G413 SE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and the G413 TKL (Tenkeyless) SE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard in the Philippines.

According to the company, the mechanical gaming keyboards feature gaming-grade mechanical switches, tactile mechanical switches, and are engineered for precision and performance. The G413 TKL SE mechanical gaming keyboard comes in a tenkeyless design for peak performance.

logitech g413 tkl se mechanical gaming keyboard

Both mechanical keyboards are built in a black brushed aircraft-quality 5052 low-carbon aluminum alloy top case. The G413 SE and G413 TKL SE also have durable keycaps made with PBT that are claimed to be the most durable material on the market. The PBT keycaps are also designed to hold up over time and are heat and wear-resistant.

They also have white LED lighting for enhanced clarity, as well as a 6-key rollover with an anti-ghosting gaming matrix, allowing for multiple keys to be pressed simultaneously.

logitech g413 se mechanical gaming keyboard

Pricing and Availability

Both keyboards will be available this February 2022.

You may purchase them or other Logitech devices on the Logitech Official Store in Shopee and the Logitech Lazada Flagship Store.

Other Logitech devices are also available at PC Express, Silicon Valley, DataBlitz, Octagon, Electroworld, Complink, iTech, Techwarez, Gameone, Interpace Computer Systems, GameXtreme, Office Warehouse, TTi, GameOne, JOYO, Gadget Headz, DynaQuest PC, Digi-Serv Solutions, Concept Computer, NUTECH, DFE (Davao Futurebright Enterprises), Villman, PCWorx, Abenson, Digistore, and Greenware.


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