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League of Legends Unveils Last New Champion For 2015; Meet Illaoi, The Kraken Priestess

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With League’s Season 5 heading out and upcoming new patches on its way, Riot looks like they’re planning to seal the deal for this year through the introduction of their new champion, Illaoi, the Kraken Priestess.

For her playstyle and laning, it seems that she’s gonna be somewhat of a bruiser, a possible top laner or jungler to be exact, that can dish out very position heavy damages, through her passive, which summons a Kraken tentacle on a specific area and strikes enemy champions that are being attacked by Illaoi.

We won’t tackle much about her abilities here, since we’ll leave that to the champion previews, though we can safely say that she is somewhat of a fairly new mechanical champion that could dish out the damage, even when a foe is fleeing or at a distance. A possibility of playing her as a jungler is actually something that is expected to be more effective, as well, with a decent damage output for jungle clearing and the tentacles able to help out heavily on counter jungling. So far, we really didn’t have any more information about Illanoi, since we’ve recently seen her kit, though from what we saw and what we’ve read, she’ll be a pretty good source of damage in a teamfight, since her tentacles can stretch out and can possibly hit multiple champions in a straight narrow line of where her tentacles would attack.

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Illanoi is a very interesting champion and might get a more in-depth look on her and share it with you guys. A release date for Illanoi is yet to be determined, due roughly speaking, we might see her around late November to early December. What do you think of the Kraken Priestess? Hit us up on the comments section below and share your thoughts with us.

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