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KFC Creates Their First AI-Generated Commercials!

KFC AI-Generated Commercial

KFC Philippines has just rolled out an exciting first! Can you guess? Well, short films created entirely by artificial intelligence!

In a unique twist, the fast-food giant tapped into the creativity of its social media followers, asking them for ideas on characters, food choices, and even the movie genre.

After collecting a bunch of hilarious and creative responses, the KFC team used the power of AI to weave these ideas into short films.

Charmaine Bautista-Pamintuan, Chief Marketing Officer of KFC Philippines, shared her thoughts on this innovative approach, “With the advancements in AI, we looked at how these tools can bring to life the collaborative creativity of our team and KFC fans.”

Curious to see these AI-generated masterpieces? Check out #CravetoCreate.

Ever wondered if your crazy food ideas could turn into a blockbuster? Now, KFC is making it happen!

Nevertheless, Filipinos are expressing a variety of reactions. What’s your take on this? Feel free to share your thoughts with us!


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