iPhone Survives 16,000-Foot Fall from Alaska Airlines Flight

iphone survived alaska airlines fall
Photo Courtesy: @SeanSafyre (X/Twitter)

While on a leisurely Sunday stroll, a curious citizen stumbled upon an entirely intact iPhone, miraculously undamaged despite being apparently ejected from the ill-fated Alaska Airlines Flight 1282.

The flight encountered a severe fuselage failure during its journey from Portland International Airport in Oregon to Ontario International Airport in California.

Sean Bates, a Washington resident, game designer, and .NET application developer, discovered the resilient iPhone along a roadside. Intriguingly, he came across it after learning about the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) urging the public to report any items that may have fallen during the plane’s door blowout.

The found iPhone, displaying an email from Alaska Airlines related to a baggage receipt for Flight 1282, surprisingly had a broken-off piece of an iPhone charger still lodged in its port. The force of the panel blowout had torn the cable apart, yet the phone itself remained unscathed.