Infinix Note 40 Series Introduces ‘Active Halo’ AI Light Feature

active halo


Get ready for the global debut of Infinix‘s Note 40 series smartphones hitting the stage on March 18 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This lineup promises a variety of devices including the Note 40, Note 40 Pro, Note 40 Pro 5G, and Note 40 Pro Plus 5G.


active holo 1

But what’s got everyone buzzing is the sneak peek into a cool feature called Active Halo. This nifty addition combines voice commands with AI-powered lighting effects, making interactions with your phone a whole lot more fun.

Picture this: your phone lights up in response to calls, notifications, music playing, charging, gaming, and even when you’re chatting with your virtual assistant. It’s not just about notifications anymore—it’s about adding a splash of personality to your device. And guess what? You can even customize the lighting effects to suit your vibe.

active holo

That’s not all—the Note 40 series is also rumored to pack a punch with its Cheetah X1 chip, ensuring top-notch power management for their FastCharge 2.0 technology.