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How To Transfer Facebook Pics and Vids to Google Photos

Many options are available on Facebook to help users transition away from or temporarily suspend their service use. The social media platform comes packaged with various tools that enable users to export data, pictures, messages, and other content to use on other platforms.

One such feature is the ability to import all user-posted photographs straight into Google Photos. Additionally, Facebook users can export their messages and notes straight to Google Docs.

Therefore, if you want to learn how to move pictures from Facebook to Google Photos, the following guide will walk you through the process.

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Things that need consideration

  • Active Google and Facebook Account
  • Have a free storage space in your Google Account

To begin, launch Facebook on your personal computer and join in using the information you usually use.

Second, navigate to Settings by tapping the profile symbol on the screen’s upper right.


fb gphotos 1

After that, navigate to the left-hand panel of the Preferences menu and select Your Facebook Information.

fb gphotos 2

After that, select the Transfer a duplicate of your information choice and choose the View button next to it.

fb gphotos 3

After that, select Google Photos choice from the menu.

fb gphotos 4

Finally, on the following screen, press the option to choose what to transfer and ensure that your selections are accurate.

fb gphotos 5

In this section, you can transfer pictures and videos from your Facebook account, just a selection, or even an entire album. After this, select the Connect option, and then join in using the credentials associated with your Google Account.

Connecting Google Documents with Facebook is as easy as logging in with your Google account details. When you share this on Facebook, a link to initiate the move will show.
The Transfer can begin once you select the Start icon. To proceed, please enter your Facebook login. All your media will be available in Google Pictures after uploading.


Data transmission allows users to back up their Facebook data on other platforms, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and others. When you’ve had enough of Facebook and are ready to give it up for good, you can use this feature to temporarily deactivate your account until you’re ready to start fresh.

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