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How to Create Branded Email Templates in Gmail Using Layouts


Gmail Layouts, which are essentially email templates, may be used to produce a newsletter, announcement, or other marketing messages with your corporate identity. These useful templates are editable, allowing you to add your own logo, colors, and links.

Note: Beginning in August 2022, users of Google Workspace with accounts for Workspace Individual, Business Standard or Plus, Enterprise Starter, Standard, or Plus, and Education Standard or Plus can use the service.

Use a Layout Email Template in Gmail

To see the various Layouts and insert one into your email, go to Gmail and compose a new message using the Compose button on the upper left.

Select the Layouts icon, which looks like a tiled square, when the email window appears. When you first use the feature, you’ll see a quick description. Choose “Browse Layouts.”

To access the collection, simply click the Layouts icon in the Compose box.

You’ll notice a list of Layouts on the left, and if you move your mouse over each one, you’ll see the kind. Call to Action, Simple Text, Announcement, Newsletter, New Service, and Referral are among the options, each with an inverted color choice.

If you want a bigger look, pick a Layout and a preview will appear on the right.

Choose the one you wish to use and click “Insert.” The template will display in the email’s body for you to alter.

Customize the Layout Template

Once you’ve added a Layout to your email, you may edit the graphics, update the header, delete sections, and add links to the buttons. It should be noted that the available options vary based on the Layout.

To insert your text, click the placeholder text and replace it with your own.

To change a picture or the header, choose it to examine your choices and then select “Change Image,” then travel to and select your image. For the photos and header, you’ll also notice choices like Add Link, Edit Alt Text, and Remove Section.

To link the buttons to your blog, registration form, or email address, select one and click “Change,” then in the pop-up box, select the link type, enter the link, and click “OK.”

Select an object, such as an image, section, or button, and then choose “Remove Section,” “Remove Button,” or “Remove Header” to remove it.

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Change the Default Layout Style

You may alter the default styles for Layouts in addition to changing the current email template. This enables you to utilize your company’s logo, colors, and links in future Layouts.

Click the Layouts icon in the Compose window and choose “Default Styling” in the bottom left corner of the window.

You can then customize three areas.

Logo, Colors, and Fonts

Upload your logo to use as the template header, then choose a color palette and font style.

Footer Details

Enter and format the words in the text editor to include your company name and contact information in the footer.


Include connections to your email, website, or social media accounts. Choose the link type from the “Choose” drop-down box and enter the URL in the box to the right.

When you’re through changing the Default Styling, click “Save Changes,” and your default choices will be applied automatically when you utilize the Layouts in the future.

Layouts in Gmail allow you to generate branded emails without having to design and set up your messages. Use this handy tool to enhance your next marketing campaign!


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