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How To Check Internet Speed Using Facebook App


The Facebook app is jam-packed with features, but most are geared toward providing users with a more enjoyable social media experience. The newly designed user interface of the app, for example, is geared toward improving and streamlining the app’s overall user experience. The application provides users with various features, the primary emphasis of which is social media. These features include searching for nearby available Wi-Fi networks and conducting a speed test to determine the device’s current internet connection speed.

What you’ll need to get by

You will need the latest version of the Facebook app and a current account to use the speed test function Facebook offers. In addition to that, check to see if the program is signed in.

Another thing to consider is that the function can only be accessed through the Facebook app’s Android version.

  • A new drop-down menu that provides access to various Facebook features, preferences, and other options can be opened by tapping the three horizontal lines on the upper-right side of the screen.
  • Launch the Facebook app from the app launcher or the main screen, and then check into your account if you still need to do so.
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  • Click the Settings & Privacy option at the bottom of the drop-down selection.
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  • After that, scroll down and select Wi-Fi cellular performance.
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  • On a new tab, click “Your Speed,” then click Continue on the Run a Speed Test.
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  • Facebook will navigate you to a new tab; click Run speed test.
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  • After this, the Facebook app on your phone will immediately begin testing the connection bandwidth that is currently available. Once completed, the speed test results will inform you of your download speed and upload performance.
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You can verify the speed and quality of your internet connection by using the Speed Test function in the Facebook program. It helps determine whether or not sluggish internet speeds are impacting your ability to use Facebook, such as videos that need to reload repeatedly, lengthy loading times, or problems publishing photographs or videos. You can get an accurate picture of your internet performance by performing a speed test. Then, if necessary, you can take measures to improve it, such as upgrading your internet package, resetting your router, or moving to a different location for improved signal strength.

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