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How To Block a Domain in Gmail


You may already be preventing specific senders from overwhelming your inbox with emails. However, occasionally you’ll get many emails from the same domain, each with a different address. In Gmail, you may ban the entire domain. How? Read on.

In Gmail, you may set up a filter that immediately deletes emails from a certain address. Thus, they skip your inbox and head straight to the Trash bin. The same may be said for whole domains, such as “@example.com.” There are two ways to accomplish this; while the first is a little quicker, the second lets you block numerous domains at once.

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Step #1: Create a Filter From an Email

Log in to Gmail, choose an email from the domain you wish to ban, and then go there. Select “Filter Messages Like This” by selecting the three dots in the top right corner of the message.


The Create Filter window will now be visible. Remove anything to the left of the @ (At) sign from the email address that appears automatically. Choose “Create Filter.”


Select the Delete It option on the following screen. You can elect to apply the filter to all chats that match. There will be a tally of more emails from that sender in your inbox.

Click “Create Filter” after that.

DeleteCreateFilter GmailBlockDomain

Emails from that site will no longer be sent to your inbox; instead, they will be destroyed.

Reminder: Instead, selecting the Block option in the three-dot menu sends all emails from that email address to spam. Only that specific email address is used; emails from the domain are not sent to spam.

Step #2: Create a Filter From the Settings

In your Gmail settings, you can also create a filter to get rid of emails from a certain domain. In the upper right corner, select “See All Settings” from the gear menu.


Choose “Create New Filter” from the Filters and Blocked Addresses menu.

SettingsNewFilter GmailBlockDomain

The Create Filter box will show up. Enter the @ sign and the domain name in the From field, for example, “@domain.com.”

FromDomain GmailBlockDomain

The benefit of utilizing this approach is that you may input many domains. Just use “OR” to separate them, as in “@domain1.com OR @domain2.com.”

Click “Create Filter” after that.

FromDomains GmailBlockDomain

Select “Create Filter,” mark the “Delete It” checkbox, and then choose whether or not to apply the filter to any matching conversations in your inbox.

DeleteItCreateFilter GmailBlockDomain

Any new emails from that domain will be immediately erased, just like the first technique described above.

Unlike forwarding to Spam, deleting emails from a certain domain does not always “block” that domain. It does, however, allow you the ability to delete such messages before they get into your Gmail inbox.


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