Google’s Circle to Search Now Offers Instant Language Translation

circle to search
Circle to Search


Google recently introduced a significant update to its Circle to Search feature, now offering instant in-line translations for text on certain smartphones. This enhancement is available on select devices, such as Samsung Galaxy S24 and S23 series, Galaxy Z Flip 5, Galaxy Z Fold 5, Pixel 6, and newer Google branded smartphones.

According to a report by journalist Mishaal Rahman via X (formerly Twitter), users can now find a translate button in the Circle to Search interface.

This button, situated at the bottom right corner of the screen, allows users to translate text instantly without leaving the current app. To activate this feature, users simply tap the translate button after invoking the Circle to Search interface.

The rollout of this update is ongoing and is expected to reach users gradually over the next few weeks. While Circle to Search enhances the user experience by providing translations within the app, those without access to this feature can still utilize in-line translations through Google Lens.

Circle to Search represents a significant advancement in Google’s multi search functionality, allowing users to seamlessly search for text and images within the Google app. This latest addition aims to make understanding and accessing content on the web easier for users.

Are you excited to try out the new instant translation feature in Google’s Circle to Search?