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Google Sheets’ Guide to Grouping and Ungrouping Rows and Columns


Finding the exact data, you need in a large spreadsheet job can be challenging by scrolling endlessly. With the help of Google Sheets, you can associate each row and each column and then collapse and expand them as you wish.

Group Rows or Columns in Google Sheets

Just click the rows or columns you want to group. It can be straightforward just by dragging them. After that, right-click the Group option for the rows or columns you selected. As you can see, we group it from rows 1 to 7.

For a selection of columns, simply Right-click or click the arrow on one of the column headers to select the Group option. Here, we group it from columns A to C.

After you group them, you will see a negative or minus sign displayed in a shaded area on the left for the rows. Just click the minus sign to collapse the group.

The minus sign becomes a plus icon. So to expand it again, click that plus sign again.

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Extend or Contract Groups of Rows and Columns

If you set up several groups of rows or columns on your workstation, you don’t need to click the minus plus signs to collapse or expand each one.

Just right-click either the plus or minus sign for a group. After that, click “Expand All Row/Column Groups” or “Collapse All Row/Column Groups.”

One-click will make all of your row or column groups visible or invisible.

Ungroup Rows or Columns in Google Sheets

When you’re done using groups to view your data better, ungroup rows or columns.

For rows, do the following steps:

  • Please select the sections you want to ungroup, right-click on them, and then select the Ungroup option.
  • To remove a collection of rows, right-click the plus or minus symbol representing the group and then select “Remove Group.”

And for columns, do these steps:

  • You can ungroup the categories by selecting them with a right-click and then clicking the appropriate menu item.
  • You can ungroup a set of columns by right-clicking on the plus or negative symbol that represents that set of columns and selecting “Remove Group.”
  • Pick the columns you want to ungroup, then right-click on one of the column headings and select the Ungroup choice.

When you finish ungrouping the rows or columns, the plus and minus signs in the shaded area will disappear.

You can do the same procedure if you know “Microsoft Excel” and Google Sheets. By combining groups of rows and columns, you can generate a clean, functional, and fully automated data layout.

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