Google Confirms No Gemini Nano AI Support for Pixel 8

pixel 8


If you’re eyeing the Google Pixel 8, here’s a heads-up, the standard variant won’t be equipped with the Gemini Nano AI, unlike its Pro counterpart. Google confirmed this on The Android Show, citing hardware limitations as the reason.

While both Pixel 8 models share almost identical hardware, the RAM capacity sets them apart, 8GB for the standard version and 12GB for the Pro. Unfortunately, this discrepancy means that the mobile-friendly LLM, Gemini Nano, won’t be making its way to the Pixel 8 standard model.

Gemini Nano, known for features like Summarize in the Recorder app and Smart Reply in Gboard and WhatsApp, will only be available on the Pixel 8 Pro and the Galaxy S24 series. This announcement widens the gap between the two Pixel 8 models, leaving standard variant owners without some AI perks.

But, Google is actively working to expand Gemini Nano compatibility to more high-end devices. MediaTek has joined the party, collaborating with Google to optimize Gemini Nano for its Dimensity 9300 and 8300 chips. The search giant also plans to integrate Gemini into Android smartphones starting in 2025.

So, if you’re considering a Pixel 8, remember that the Pro version packs the extra AI punch. Do you think this difference is a deal-breaker, or are other features more crucial to your smartphone choice?