Former Apple Employees File Gender Pay Gap Lawsuit


Two former Apple employees have filed a class-action lawsuit in California, accusing the tech giant of systematically underpaying women over the past four years, according to Engadget on June 14.

Even though Apple now asks for salary expectations instead, the lawsuit argues this could still lead to discrimination because women often expect lower salaries due to their past pay. The lawsuit, which could represent up to 12,000 current and former female employees, alleges that Apple’s pay practices and performance evaluations discriminate against women.

The lawsuit against Apple claims that until late 2017, Apple set salaries based on an applicant’s salary history, which could perpetuate gender pay gaps since women generally earn less in tech.

The plaintiffs are seeking compensation for alleged pay discrepancies and want Apple to change its pay and evaluation practices to ensure fairness. They’ve asked for a jury trial to decide the case.

Apple is under close scrutiny as it deals with these legal challenges. What are your thoughts on the lawsuit accusing Apple of underpaying women and potentially perpetuating gender pay gaps through its past salary practices?