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Filipinos Advised To Beware of QR Code Scams

QR Code Scams
QR Code Scams

There is a new scam involving QR codes that are being perpetrated by scammers, according to PLDT’s cybersecurity operations center.

Known as the “quishing” scam, this new kind of scam involves fraudsters using QR codes to disguise malicious URLs into the code, which the unsuspecting user can scan with their smartphone camera and be redirected to a fake version of the genuine website.


Typical phishing scams often target users who are not aware of the irregularities in the site, and they may unwittingly submit sensitive information, such as usernames and passwords, to fraudsters through these fake websites, that they can then use to steal their identity.

Angel Redoble, the company’s chief information and security officer discusses how hackers will use the stolen information to access the digital wallets and accounts of its owners and prevent them from regaining control over them.

Due to the growing popularity of QR codes, users are advised to scan QR codes only from trusted sources and to always check links before clicking, as using QR codes can provide convenience in financial transactions and information tracking. The statement also warns users about similar scams, such as smishing, which is a similar type of scam.

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