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Facebook Now Features a More Chronological Feed

More Chronological Feed
More Chronological Feed

In addition to embracing an algorithmically-sorted timeline, Facebook was the first social media platform to allow users to track what their friends and families are doing in real-time.

With the launch of Meta’s new feature in the mobile app, Facebook is rolling out a ‘Feeds’ tab at the bottom of the screen on iPhones and the top on Androids. Home will be renamed to differentiate it from Feeds as the default starting point in the Facebook app.no description available.

There are no ‘Suggested For You’ items or advertisements in Feeds, so you always see the most recent posts at the top.

Unlike other platforms like Instagram and Twitter, Facebook handles chronological and algorithmic modes differently. Facebook’s parent company, Meta, announced in a blog post that Feeds, a newly added page, was available. This updated tab allows you to curate a Favorites list of the friends and Pages you want to follow. This will make it simpler to see what your friends, Pages, or groups are up to.

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Feeds are more filtered (and less noisy) when you manually add people and pages to see their posts. Regardless, Facebook now allows the option to restore algorithmic feeds, which have been repeatedly requested over the past few years.


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