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Discover How vivo Shape MediaTek Dimensity 9400 Chipset


Step into the realm of cutting-edge technology as vivo plays a pivotal role in shaping MediaTek’s flagship chips.

A recent report from CNMO suggests an even more significant involvement from vivo in the development of the upcoming Dimensity 9400.

The Dimensity 9300, a flagship 5G AI mobile chip, is notable for its TSMC’s 4nm process and integration of 1B and 7B AI language models, along with a 1B AI vision model directly into devices.

This integration enhances data security, elevates real-time performance, and tailors AI functions to individual preferences while keeping sensitive data on the device.

vivo’s collaboration with MediaTek focuses on the flagship AI processor APU and the AI development platform NeuroPilot, enhancing the operational efficiency of AI models on devices. vivo’s smartphones, particularly the vivo X100 series, benefit from this technology, solidifying their position in on-device AI models.

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