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ChatGPT Gets Smarter, Now Remembers Your Conversations!


ChatGPT is getting an awesome upgrade to make your chats way smoother! Imagine this, no more repeating yourself every time you chat. How cool is that?

OpenAI is adding a memory feature to ChatGPT. That means it’ll remember things about you and your past conversations. You can either spill the beans on what to remember, or it can gradually learn about you as you keep using it. It’s like having a chatbot buddy who really knows you!

And guess what? This memory feature is turned on by default, making your chats super personalized. OpenAI is testing it out with a small group of users to make sure it’s top-notch.

Picture this, ChatGPT feeling more like a savvy assistant who’s got your back, rather than just a tool you have to brief every time. Exciting, right?


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