Apple Vision Pro Users Report Overnight Headset Cracks

apple vision pro


In a surprising turn of events, a handful of Apple Vision Pro users are reporting mysterious overnight cracks in their headsets, sparking conversations among tech enthusiasts.

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Shared on Reddit, photos reveal clean splits in the glass, especially around the nose bridge, raising questions about the device’s durability. While the cases are limited, they have drawn attention to potential manufacturing flaws.

Sudden, random crack in the front glass?
byu/inphenite inVisionPro

One user mentioned being quoted an $800 (PHP44.799) repair cost by Apple, with a potential $300 (PHP16,799) deductible under AppleCare. This situation puts Apple in a delicate position.

While the number of reports is small compared to the units sold, it emphasizes the need for robust quality control and a fair customer service response to unexpected issues. Approaching these reports with a balanced perspective is key, acknowledging each complaint while considering the product’s overall reliability based on the majority of user experiences.

These incidents serve as a reminder of the challenges in manufacturing cutting-edge technology. As more information surfaces, the spotlight is on how Apple will address these concerns and if steps will be taken to prevent such incidents.

With these unexpected cracks causing a buzz, how will Apple ensure the durability of its Vision Pro headsets in the future?